Budget Travel

Students need to travel and relax away from class. Especially after end term exams, they need time to unwind before going back for the next term. Well, we all know how students can get broke. If they are being funded by parents, not at any moment will they be given trip fee? It even gets worse for sponsored students because probably their sponsor is only paying for tuition fee. With all that, I still insist that students need some time off. Read on to get tips on how to get cash for your trip.

How to travel as a broke student

Take advantage of all resources and opportunities

It might sound simple, but at times you might not realize the opportunities around you either at school or with family and friends. When we were young, family trips are like obvious. Growing older, you will get questions like if “would like to go.” Grab such chances as soon as they show up. Family trips are always the cheapest because your parents will cover everything. If you have friends or family members staying in another country or continent, make visits. Such visits allow you to travel and get to spend your holidays in a new location. Apart from family utilize opportunities at school. In your lower classes, search for opportunities to study abroad. This way, you will study away from your country or home time during your college days.

Consider all options

As much as you want to travel, you cannot go everywhere you want to go anytime you feel like. Make a list of all locations you want to tour. A new experience is always the best, hence avoid traveling to the same place twice. Even if you will not be able to tour your top list destinations due to financial problems, make it happen after clearing school.


If your parents and school cannot fund your trips, take the initiative and make savings. Set aside a jar or box where you will be saving. You can decide to save $3 in a week or after a few days. This comes with sometimes staying away from ice cream and movie outings with friends. You can utilize your birthdays and other special events by not asking for material stuff but fundings towards your trip. The earlier you start saving, the better. Depending on the amount you have managed to keep, choose a destination and plan within the budget.